1903 Oldsmobile Surrey Runabout

  1903 Oldsmobile Surrey Runabout


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From 1901 to 1904, the Curved Dash Oldsmobile was the best selling car in the world. It was also the first car badged as an Oldsmobile. The Bliss Company, of Canton, Ohio produced 500 of these high quality all steel replicas in 1958. They were specially built promotional cars. This example was produced for Dyer products, as indicated on its identification plaque.

This Motorcar features tiller steering, wood spoked wheels, and the optional surrey top.

It features working brass lamps and tail lights.

One of the 1st automobiles, the Oldsmobile Surrey traversed rough terrain with ease. There are 7 1/2 inches of ground clearance.

Power is courtesy of a 19.4 cubic inch one cylinder engine mated to a 2 speed forward // reverse gearbox. This powerplant is rated at 7.95 horsepower & 13.1 ft-lbs of torque. It is equipped with an electric starter. The transmission features a 1 to 1 high gear, a 2.25 to 1 low gear, and reverse is 3 to 1. The chain driven rear axle is 1 to 1. The fuel tank holds 2 gallons. The petrol must be 72 octane or better according to the owner's manual. The engine's crankcase holds 1 quart of oil and the transmission holds 1/2 pint of lubricant.

The instruments are intact. They feature a power switch, electric start, ignition switch, and turn signal lever.

Get ready for your Motoring experience!

This horseless carriage rides on real wood spokes wrapped in older B.F. Goodrich Silvertown 26 s 2.125 tires.

The wood spoke wheels are surrounded with painted steel rims.

The curved front end truly did give the car a carriage appearance.

This early Replica is complete with the Surrey Top assembly. It stands proud at 102 - 1/2 inches with the top in place.

Closer inspection will reveal a quality all steel original body throughout. The Surrey weighs in at 720 lbs. It is 93 inches overall length, 58 - 3/4 overall width and rides on a 67 inch wheelbase.

The black vinyl seating is in good condition, showing age.
Although the engine has been updated, the chain drive is the same type utilized in the original Oldsmobile Runabouts.
The undercarriage is in good condition throughout.
The engine runs strong. Be sure to play the video clip located at the beginning of our presentation.
Just in case the electric starter fails, there is an optional kick start in place under the seat.

The durablity and simplicity of the E.W. Bliss Company Oldsmobile Runabout reproduction was put on display on a 1958 episode of "The Today Show" They assembled a model live on the air.