1933 Buick Model 57 Sedan    


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230 c.i. Straight-Eight @ 86HP

3-Speed Manual Transmission

Dual Sidemount Spares

Dual Chrome Horns

Cigarette Lighter

Window Shades

Luggage Tray

17-Inch Factory Buick Wire Wheels - Wide Whites @ 6.00/17s


Texas Classic Cars of Dallas is proud to present this antique 1933 Buick 50 Series Model 57 Sedan. This is an older survivor in well-preserved condition

This classic Buick is owned by legendary NFL football player, Mr. Pettis Norman. Mr. Norman is an original Dallas Cowboy and a class-act. He was an intricate part of Tom Landry's offense throughout the 1960s and we are proud to advertise his Buick for him. Thank you sir!

Replaced the Series 121, Buick's Series 50 models were in their 4th year in 1933. They ride on a 119-inch wheelbase and feature a strong X-frame chassis. This example rides on vintage 17-Inch Buick Wheels wrapped in Wide White Poly tires sized at 6.00-17s. Overall height was lower by 2.25 inches.

The dual side mount spares are also in place. This is an elegant automobile from a bygone era.

Buick sales literature touted the new veed grille design and a beavertail rear design specific to the Sedans.

Open the doors to the 1930s.

The interior is remarkably well preserved. It appears the seat upholstery has been restored years ago, however the door panels and headliner look to be original as do the interior panels and controls. This is a beautiful Buick with patina.

The dash displays the factory gauge cluster complete with amperes, oil pressure, water temperature, gasoline level and 100 mph speedometer. The dash itself displays the imitation wood grain texture as do the interior doors. This is tasteful original paneling. The glovebox door is black and complete with the Buick badging.


The steering wheel is original as are the controls and horn button. This Buick is equipped with a working emergency brake as well. The 3-speed manual transmission shifts through the gears as it should, including reverse gear.

The start button functions as it should.

The seat upholstery is in good condition front to back.

The rear seating area is certainly plush with foot rests and lighting decor.

The door panels are original and solid. The door undersides are also solid.

Further inspection of the exterior will confirm an older finish with dulling and cracking beginning. The car displays a certain patina to it throughout. This includes the vintage trim and bumpers.

This elegant lady is still in place, needing some repair on where the ornament mounts.

Under the hood is the improved for '33 model year Straight Eight engine. It grew to 230 cubic inches, factory rated at 86 horsepower and roughly 173 lb-ft of torque. Induction is courtesy of an updraft carburetor. Bolted against the engine is a synchronized 3-speed manual gearbox.

The engine compartment displays original sheet metal and factory components throughout. Note the antique components still in place throughout this beautiful vintage Buick.

The firewall displays the factory identification plate still in place. The engine stamping matches the title as well.

Underneath this Buick is the exceptionally solid factory undercarriage. The steel running boards are in very good condition as well. Series 50 models feature this much improved rigid X frame configuration. It feature semi-elliptical leaf sprung suspension, a front I-beam axle, and internal expanding mechanical brakes with 12-inch drums.

The vinyl top has been painted over and the paint is flaking. This insert will probably need to be replaced.

This is your opportunity to own a very unique classic 1933 Buick Model 57 Sedan.

This classic Buick is a real solid candidate for restoration and won't need that much to bring her back. She has just been treated to a new set of wide whites all around.