1964 Cadillac DeVille


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429 cu in 7.0 L V8

4 Wheel Disk Brakes

Air Shocks

Classic Tail Fins Styling


Many of our photos of this auto were taken at the Dallas Love Field Frontiers of Flight Museum, located only minutes from Texas Classic Cars of Dallas' showroom. Cadillac class and styling are surely present on this beautiful  DeVille. 

New up front was a bi-angular grille that formed a V-shape along both its vertical and horizontal planes. The main horizontal grille bar was now carried around to body sides. Outer grille extension panels again housed the parking and cornering lamps.

This was the 17th consecutive year for the Cadillac tail fins with a new fine-blade design carrying on the tradition. This is a very fine example of the 64. It has been well maintained over the years. THe car was painted back to it's original color about 8 years ago. The car came from California originally, and was brought  to Dallas  about  12 years ago. The Sewell Cadillac emblem was added to the car.  

There is a small amount of pitting showing up on some of the chrome, but all in all it's in fantastic shape. De Villes were fitted with a new Turbo Hydra-Matic autobox. The three-speed unit made use of a torque converter.

The owner has been storing the car at our facility due to lack of space at home. We did the last oil change and service in October of 2012. The car has had very little mileage added since this owner purchased it from us 3 years ago. The mileage is believed to be actual, but we have no documentation to prove it.

The interior is absolutely gorgeous. About 2 years ago, the seats were reupholstered professionally by ASM Upholstery here in Dallas. Comfort Control, a completely automatic heating and air conditioning system controlled by a dial thermostat on the instrument panel, was introduced as an industry first. In June of 2011, Texas Classic Cars retrofitted the Cadillac with the new 134A cooling system.

The clock was the only item we found to be not working. Headliner is spotless and shows no signs of sagging or wear on it. Both front and rear seat have pull down arm rest in between passengers.

The big news for the 1964 Cadillac was under the hood. Bore was increased to 4.13 inches and stroke grew to 4 inches, adding up to 429 ci.
Horsepower went to 340 at 4,600 rpm and torque rose by 50 pound-feet to 480 at 3,000 rpm.

This resulted in a marked improvement in performance, not that Cadillac had been sluggish before. The 1964 Cadillac boasted a top speed of 122 mph, with 0-to-60 mph in 8.5 seconds and the quarter mile coming up in 16.8 seconds at 85 mph.