1966 Corvair Monza    


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Features include

Flat 6 engine

2.7 Liter

Automatic 2 speed transmission

Vinyl Convertible Power Top

Heater / Defroster

Corvairs have a style all their own, and this one looks amazing, a dramatic change had happened the years before with the new body showed influences from the 1963 Buick Riviera.

With spring finally here, this is the perfect time to enjoy driving this great little piece of the past. Put the top down and don't hesitate to go to one of the local car shows.

We are very happy to present this very nice example of the 1966 Corvair Monza.  Please enjoy our presentation.

The car had been painted yellow in the 1970's, it was recently repainted in the original Tropic Turquoise, however a black primer was used and the top coat shows as a beautiful deep blue.  Really stunning with the white convertible top and bright blue interior. 

The paint is very shiny and the trim is very nice and largely original. This is not a number one perfect car, but rather the car has leaded a comfortable existence, well maintained by its current owner. Since new it has always been in good condition and regularly gets what it needs in order to keep it looking and running as it should.  The bright work on the Corvair is in good condition, with only one or two little dents. The bumpers show well.

The interior is all original from factory, never been retouched. New rockers were installed in 2010 as well as, body panels straightened new rubber gaskets, window felts, front windshield and some smaller moldings replaced.  Everything is in very good condition.


The seat covers are all original, new black carpets were installed. The black and turquoise dash showcases a very delicate finish to this car; the gauges cluster mounted shifter shows this car to have the optional automatic transmission.

The AM radio is all original and working extremely fine.  This 1966 Corvair runs excellent, starts right up and drives perfectly down the road, all accessories

 work, heater, lights and emergency brake as well as all gauges.


The Corvair's engine was placed at the rear of the car where the power stayed so open the trunk to find plenty of space and the 164 c.i 110hp all aluminum flat six; along with the spare tire for  this amazing 66' Corvair.

 In January, Texas Classic Cars installed a new mechanical fuel pump and did a general check on the Corvair.

 110 hp might not sound like a whole lot but in a car that only weighs 2700 pounds powerful. This engine runs smoothly as you heard in our video.

The Corvair is the only American car manufactured with a rear mounted, air cooled engine. The car had a short production and sales life span of nine years. 

The undercarriage shows some surface rust, but is solid.

The Corvair had its flaws but it represented Chevy's willingness to take risks, though and in doing so showed that the American car industry could step outside its bounds and create its own distinctive brand of transportation to take on a new class of cars from all over the world.

Video below / Press play

Video above / Press play