1980 Toyota FJ Cruiser


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4.2L Engine

Larger Interior Cargo Area

Rear Side Sliding Windows


Rare Style Front Seating

After market Stereo


The history of the FJ40 body style is extremely vast. The model has been very popular in other countries for over 50 years. It's body style is timeless, and they are know for being very rugged. This model FJ43, a variant of the FJ40 line is unique. It gives you the styling of the FJ40 but with a longer length body. Much like a Jeep Scrambler has a longer length body. This will allow you obviously to carry more give you more stability on the road driving.

The rear split doors give excellent access to entry. Also notice the rear spare tire, which will give you the ability to carry larger size tires if you choose later to upgrade to.

This is a two owner vehicle. The original owner was in Colombia, from where the second owner purchased it. It was then imported into the U.S. where it now resides. Documentation as well as tags support this info. We have the import documents as well.

One of the features of this particular FJ43, is its hardtop. Many of the 43's were built is a soft top version, and the ones that are hardtops are mostly aftermarket units later bought by the owners. This one is a full time hard shell model. This will be a feature one would enjoy in rain storms, if later used out on a ranch perhaps?

If you take the time to research, you will find the FJ's have a large cult following, and what better way to make a statement of originality from all the Jeeps out there? We would like to thank our friends at the Frontiers Of Flight Museum for allowing us to shoot many of our photos at their location. Please stop in and visit the museum when you are in Dallas. 

This is an unrestored original. Of course there are some minor flaws, but the Toyota runs great and the owner drove it up to us from Houston where he brought it into the country. A trip of 245 miles with no problems at all. One of the propane tank units can be seen in the picture below right behind the seating. We have driven the Toyota with both the gas and propane and it runs fine either way.

This FJ would be amazing if restored. It does not have far to go to be a beautiful run around town type auto. The engine is a 4.2L straight six motor. Known for being a strong motor for Toyota and the Land Cruiser. The second propane tank unit is visible with the gas tank in this shot.